Hydraulic Applications - Our products in action

Our customers don't build their products to fit our units. It's our job to build a power unit to fit our customers' hydraulic applications. You can't always "see" our hydraulic systems. They're often integrated into products like automobile hoists, snowplows, ice cream machines or compactors. Below are some typical examples of hydraulic applications from Bucher Hydraulics Canada.

Wheelchair lifts

Bucher Hydraulics Canada hydraulic systems help transportation providers meet the mobility needs of the physically challenged. Our hydraulic units built into wheelchair lifts for city transit and school buses deliver on power and reliability, even after years of high-volume use. Hydraulic power packs for personal-use vans provide smooth, reliable operation.

Industrial hydraulic applications

Bucher Hydraulics Canada hydraulic systems are specified for heavy duty plant floor uncoilers. They're quality built to stand up to the high demand of 'round the clock operation in the industrial manufacturing environment.

Material handling

Our OEM customers include manufacturers of equipment built to handle large-scale materials at the loading dock. For more than two decades, Bucher Hydraulics Canada hydraulic systems have brought the power to lift, tilt and rotate to dock levellers for leading Canadian manufacturers.

Truck trailers

Bucher Hydraulics Canada manufactures hydraulic assemblies to provide fluid power for dump trailers, and for truck-mounted dump bodies.

Do you have a unique application that requires a hydraulics solution? Contact a Bucher Hydraulics Canada professional today.