"Bucher Hydraulics Canada has done a great job of meeting our needs. For example, we were building a prototype and needed a hydraulic pump. They gave us one on trial. Another supplier would only sell it to us. We like their flexibility."

President, material handling equipment manufacturer, Toronto

"Bucher Hydraulics Canada recently developed a prototype for us in just three weeks. We're very impressed!"

Plant Manager, custom engineering manufacturing company, Niagara

Products - A complete line of reliable, high-efficiency hydraulic assemblies

Bucher Hydraulics Canada designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of hydraulic pumps to customers across Canada. Our design teams can build custom power-packs as needed, Bucher Hydraulics Canada T Series or Bucher Hydraulics U.S.A. power units. In southwestern Ontario, Bucher Hydraulics Canada is an authorized supplier of Parker Industrial products including hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, valves, and power packages. In addition, Bucher Hydraulics Canada is a supplier of Bucher Hydraulics U.S.A.'s Dyna-Lift hydraulic displacement systems for ergonomic workbenches and workstations.

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