Bucher Hydraulics Corporation Canada produces the T-Series Hydraulic Power Units which are used for a variety of applications in many countries around the world. In 2006 we introduced a T-Series Configurator to allow customers to get pricing and documentation for a power unit by simply selecting which pump, motor, reservoir, etc that they required for their application. We have recently expanded the T-Series options and we have updated the pricing for July 2012 to include Premium Efficiency electric motors.

To use the T-Series Configurator, please proceed as follows:
  • Click on the “External” button below to access the login screen.
  • Enter your USER ID and Password and click on the login button (or press enter) and remember the password is case sensitive.
  • Once at the Configurator main screen, use the dropdown lists to select the components and options you require, starting with the pump.
  • Select the pump, motor, manifold, and reservoir as well as optional items such as the return line filter, directional control valves, heat exchanger, etc (if required).
  • Click on the left side of the screen next to 2.1 (where it says “Click Here”) to display the USD list price of the power unit you have configured (your discount and net cost will be displayed as well if your customer discount has been assigned to your login codes).
  • To download the drawings and schematic of the unit you have configured, click next to the 5 on the left side of the screen (where it says “Click Here”) and a progress bar should appear near the bottom of your screen.
  • The progress bar indicates that the drawing files are being compiled to create the drawings and schematic of the power unit requested. Please note that if the model code has been configured previously, the drawings will be available immediately but if the combination of components has not been previously configured, the process can take 2-3 minutes (you should not click the button more than once as it will backlog the system).
  • When the drawings are completed, a screen message will appear asking if you wish to Open, Save, or Cancel the drawings.

The general layout drawing and schematic created by the Configurator (pages 2 and 3) are in pdf but the first page created is a 3D file which requires Adobe Reader version 7.0 or above (the 3D file allows you to view the power unit internally or from virtually any angle).

If you require any assistance using the T-Series Configurator or require any components or options not listed in the drop down lists, please contact one of our Customer Service representatives at 519-681-2351 and ask for help with the T-Series product. Thank you very much for your interest in the Bucher T-Series Power Units.